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NSW Education Parent App

The NSW Education Parent App supports and streamlines communication between schools and parents and carers, providing key tools and resources to support students through their education journey from primary to high school. With over 190,000 parents and carers using the app, it is a convenient channel to keep your school community informed with all the latest updates.

Unlike other third-party apps your school may be using, the Parent App is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education, free for schools and parents and carers to use, and is synced with the School Website Service (SWS).

The content published by you on SWS including news, newsletters, and upcoming events, can be concurrently published to the app via Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and requires no additional work. For more information, access support to publish content to the Parent App (new link).

By creating engaging content for your school website and the app, and publishing it to both platforms, parents and carers can receive an instant notification when there is an update from your school and access the same content that’s on your school website in an accessible way when they’re on the go. Access the SWS toolkit to find tips and tricks to create content for your school’s website and app.

Key features of the app for parents and carers:

The app is free and available for iOS and Android users via the Apple Store or Google Play.