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School website service training and support

School website service training and support

Joining SWS

Planning to join SWS? Not sure what you need before sending in the request? We have you covered.

Email address

To set up official school email, please call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

Domain name

The domain name should reflect your school email address for consistency, therefore, the email address should be configured already before you approach us. The figure below shows the convention, the prefix of your email address schoolname-[school type] as denoted in below example, this becomes the main part of your subdomain of

Other things we require

In addition to the prerequisites mentioned above (school code, email address, phone number and final approved school name), we require the following details;

Website access and training

We will provide access to your staff members who will be responsible for adding local content to your new website. There are two levels of access:

  1. Author - can make changes, but cannot publish them live to the public.
  2. Approver - can approve author changes which will publish them live, and also make/publish their own changes.

The principal can add and remove staff at any time within the Access Management Utility (AMU).

  • Email address of staff who require 'author' access.
  • Email address of staff who require 'approver' access.

Your staff will need training if they haven't used AEM before. Find out more about training.

Important to note

  • This platform is for school websites only.
  • To set up official school email, please call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32. 
  • Provisional school names cannot be accepted as the URL and other behind the scenes configuration has to be set up in line with the actual school name.

Once you have started

The process of working on your site and going live is as follows:

  1. Provided we have the final domain name (based on the school email address), your domain name will already be created by us, along with other supporting configuration steps.
  2. Your site is ready for your authors and/or approvers to begin adding content.
  3. You can send the site live when the content work is complete.
  4. Refer to Your site on Google for more information on getting your site appearing in Google.

Questions or concerns

Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns
Contact the project team

Get started

If you have everything ready to begin, reach out to us.
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