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Delete an event

Use this guide to learn how to delete an event. 

Before you start

  • Deleting is a permanent operation and cannot be undone. 
  • Please consider unpublishing the event instead.
  • To delete a multi-day event that spans over one month, you'll need to delete the event found under each applicable month folder. 
  • Associated Assets (images and documents) will not be deleted.
  • Only an Approver can delete an event.

Step 1: Navigate to Home

  • Your school's home page will already be selected.

Step 2: Delete the event page

  • Select Events.
  • Select the year of the event.
  • Select the month of the event.
  • Once you have found your event, select the icon to the left of the file name. For example, Road safety education. The tick will appear and your selection will turn blue. 
  • Select Delete in the menu bar that appears across the top of the screen.
  • If you don't see Delete, select the ellipsis in the menu bar. Select Delete from the drop-down option. 
  • If you still don't see Delete it is because you are an author. You will need to request the event to be unpublished by an approver.
  • Please note: Unpublishing an event is the same process as unpublishing a page.

  • Select Delete in the pop-up to confirm you want to delete the page. This operation cannot be undone. Deleting is a permanent operation. 

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