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Lock and unlock a page

Use this guide to learn how to lock and unlock pages on your school website. 

Before you start

Step 1: Navigate to Home

  • Your school's homepage will already be selected. 

Step 2: Lock the page

  • Navigate through your web pages to the page you want to edit. 
  • Once you have found your page, select the icon to the left of the page. The tick will appear and your selection will turn blue.

  • Select Lock from the top navigation, this will lock your page and will not allow any other Authors/Approvers to edit the page until you Unlock the page once you complete your edits. 

Step 3: Edit your page

  • Select Edit in the top right of the page. This button is next to Preview
  • Add components to your page, like text and images, or edit existing ones. See our component guides to learn more. 
  • If you can't edit a component, it might be global content added by the department. See our global content guide for more. 

Step 4: Unlock the page

  • After completing your edits on the page please ensure that you unlock the page. 
  • Select the slider icon on the top left corner. This is the Page information button.
  • Select Unlock Page from the drop-down. 

  • Select Unlock page again on the pop-up. This will unlock your page.
  • Please note: Only lock pages if it's required while editing, and don't forget to unlock them, as only the user who locks the page can unlock it. If the owner of the lock is not available, you will need to contact support for assistance.

Step 5: Publish your page

  • For changes to be updated on your live school website you will need to publish the page.
  • Select the slider icon in the top left corner. This is the Page Information button.
  • Select Publish Page from the drop-down. 
  • If you don't see Publish Page you are an Author and will need to select Start Workflow instead. Go to our Author publish a page for more information.