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Should-have content will automatically publish on your website when we roll it out, but you can turn it off if you choose. If we update a should-have component you have hidden previously, it will not publish automatically. You will receive an email that outlines added or updated components.

A should-have page may include should-have and/or could-have components.


  • You can add local content to a should-have page.
  • You can change the page title.
  • You can hide should-have component if it doesn’t apply to your school.
  • If you hide the should-have component you will not receive any updates that we make to the global content. If you would like to see our most up-to-date content, you can revert changes. 


  • You can’t edit or move should-have components. 

Should-have page

A should-have page will have a yellow line below the top toolbar.

Should-have component

A should-have component will have a yellow outline.

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