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You can change the theme and colour of your website.

Theme and colour define the look and feel of your entire website, so it's important to choose a theme and colour that suits your school.

There are currently four themes available to choose from. They contain different templates, stylistic elements, components, and take accessibility into consideration. Font and size are also determined by the theme you select.

Go to our theme and colour guide to learn how to change your theme.

Go to image dimensions and file sizes to see examples of each theme's banner. 

Changing the theme - optional

If you plan on changing the theme on your school website, you will need to upload a correctly sized homepage banner image to ensure it meets the required dimensions of the new theme.

Go to banner image to learn how to edit your homepage banner image.

The banner on your homepage is just one of the elements that will look different when you change your website's theme. 

There are currently 4 themes available to select for your site:

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

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