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Latest newsletter

Use this guide to add and edit the Latest newsletter component.


The Latest newsletter component creates a link to the latest newsletter on your website.

The component:

  • links to the most recently loaded newsletter
  • automatically updates when a new newsletter page is created
  • can only be used on the homepage.

Example Latest newsletter:

Before you start

To adjust the newsletter that you are linking to you will need to adjust the newsletter page. Go to our Newsletters guide. 

Step 1: Add Latest newsletter component

  • Select Drag components here.
  • Select the plus icon.

  • Select Latest newsletter from the Insert New Component list.

Step 2: Edit the Latest newsletter component - optional

  • Select the Latest newsletter component.
  • Select the spanner icon to adjust the Latest newsletter component. This is the Configure button. 

Step 3: Edit the Latest newsletter properties – optional


  • Enter a Heading. This appears as the title of the component. For example: View our latest newsletter.

Link Destination

  • In the Link Destination field, select the tick icon to navigate through your website pages to find the page you want to link to when the text is selected. For example: your latest newsletter.
  • Once you have found your page, select the icon to the left of the page name. The tick will appear and your selection will turn blue.
  • Select the Select button in the top right. 
  • The link appears in the Link Destination field.

Auto update from current newsletter

  • When this check box is selected the link will update when you upload new newsletters automatically. When unselected, the link destination will not update. 

Publish your changes

  • For changes to be updated on your live school website you will need to publish the page

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