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Add components

Use this guide to add components to your web page.

There are two ways components can be added to a page:

Before you start

  • Select Edit in the top right of the page. This button is next to Preview.

Option 1: Insert new component

  • Select the Drag components here.
  • Select the plus sign.

  • Select the component from the Insert New Component list.
  • Components that you add will be outlined in blue. The name of the component will also appear in the bottom right corner of the box. 

Option 2: Drag and drop from the sidebar

  • Open the sidebar by selecting the screen icon in the top left corner. This is the Toggle Side Panel button.

  • Open the components tab by selecting the square icon in the top left side of the sidebar. This is the Components button.

  • Select and hold a component from the sidebar.
  • Drag the component onto the page. When you are dragging the component, it will appear transparent.
  • The blue line and arrow indicate where the component will be placed in relation to other components.
  • Once the component is in the desired position, release the component.

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