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To edit any page on your website you first need to log in to Adobe Experience Manager.

Video guide

Step 1: Access the editing tool – Adobe Experience Manager

  • Visit your school website.
  • Select the Log in drop-down then you have two options;

Option 1: Edit this site

  • Select Edit this site. It takes you directly in Sites.
  • You can access the Edit this site link directly using the URL:

Option 2: Edit this page

  • Select Edit this page.
  • Edit this page takes you directly to the page you wish to edit. 

Step 2: Log in with your DoE account

  • Use your department user ID and password to log in to Adobe Experience Manager. 
  • We recommend you add this link to your portal icons so you can edit your website with ease in the future. 

Step 3: Navigate to your page in Sites or Assets

Once you are logged in to Adobe Experience Manager, you will go straight into Sites. If you are updating infomation on a page or placing new information you are in the correct area. Select Home and continue editing. 

If you are going into Assets, select Adobe Experience Manager from the top left corner on the black navigation bar, this will take you to Start screen from where you can select Assets to edit or upload an image or document.

Step 4: Log out

  • Once you have made your changes you can log out. To log out select the User icon in the top right. The icon is a person inside a circle.
  • Select Sign Out
  • Note: You need to log out of your staff portal to log out completely from AEM.

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