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Getting started with AEM

Use this guide to get started with Adobe Experience Manager. 

Choose your device

The system works with touch-screen devices and desktop computers. We recommend you give both a try and use the device you feel most comfortable with. 

When using a touch-screen device you can use hand gestures such as tap, swipe and touch-and-hold instead of selecting with your mouse.

Recommended web browser

We suggest you use Google Chrome to edit your site. Editing your site in Adobe Experience Manager is compatible with latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Start page

When you log in to Adobe Experience Manager to edit your site, you'll arrive at the start page:

  • Select Sites to edit or create a page on your website.
  • Select Assets to edit or upload an image or document.

Global navigation button

If you want to switch between the Sites and Assets windows you will need to navigate back to the start page.

You can navigate back to the start page at any time, select the Adobe Experience Manager global navigation button on the top left of your screen.

Global navigation menu

You can use the global navigation menu in the top right of your screen to access more tools in the system. 


Select the magnifying glass icon to search for pages and assets in your website. 


Select the dots icon to display a list of Adobe solutions, a list of connected applications. We don't use any of these links directly. Select the dots icon again to hide the Adobe solutions.


Select the question mark icon to access Adobes own online support resources, including a link to display the keyboard shortcuts.


Select the bell icon to access your inbox and your workflows.


Select the person icon to log out of your account and navigate to My Preferences. 

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