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Use this guide to add or edit the divider component.

The divider component provides a variety of layouts that you can use to split up content on the home page or landing pages. It's a great way to promote or highlight other pages on your website. You can also link to external websites with some of the layouts.


This component is available on the following page types:

  • Home page
  • Content landing
  • Event landing
  • News landing

Before you start

Navigate to the home page or landing page where you want to add or edit a divider component and you are ready to begin.

Note: This component isn't available on normal content pages.

  • Select Divider Component from the Insert New Component list.

Available layouts

The component has the following layout options, usually available in full width (stretching the full width of the page) and container width options (covering just the content container in the middle of the page).

The select style option is how you switch between each layout.