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Add AEM to your portal

Use this guide to add an Adobe Experience Manager bookmark to your portal so you can edit your website with ease.

This bookmark will appear as an icon under the Essentials heading.  

Step 1: Navigate to your Essentials icons on the portal

  • Log in to the staff portal
  • Your portal homepage shows your Essentials icons. These are bookmarks to your favourite sites and applications. 

  • Select the Add new essential icon to activate the Essentials edit mode.
  • Search button will appear with a list of icons.

Step 2: Add a new icon to your Essentials

  • Search the School Website Service tab.

  • Select Add button and the icon will appear in your list of essentials.

  • Your essential icon has now been added to your portal.
  • You will see the words ADDED and a small red Remove button above it. Ignore Remove button. 

  • Select the X beside Add essentials for towards the top left corner on the dark blue line to return to the Portal screen.
  • Your new essential will show up as the first one under All essentials.

  • You can use the same steps to include SWS how-to guides to your list of essentials.

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