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School website service training and support

Your web team

Before you set up your website, your school community needs to commit to ongoing support for the website and make decisions, such as:

  • who is going to be on your web team?
  • who will approve and create content?
  • who will keep the site updated?
  • back-up when people are on leave
  • how often will you update your website?
  • what images will you use (and do you have permission)?
  • how will you promote your website?


The staff members you nominate to be on your web team can be granted two different types of access:


Authors can create and edit content on the website however they cannot publish those changes. Authors must send their changes to approvers. The approvers will review the changes and send them live.


Approvers are able to create and edit content, add pages and sections, approve authors pages sent for approval and publish content to the live website. Users with approver level access do not need author permissions.


It's vital your web team undertake professional development to gain the latest website skills to make the best of using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and strengthen engagement with your school community.

You can also see our virtual training if you need to refresh your knowledge.