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Using Microsoft Teams

Use this guide to learn more about using Microsoft Teams for school website virtual training.


  • Microsoft Teams is a collaboration space for learning and discussion.
  • It is part of Microsoft's package, meaning you don't have to pay for it.
  • Each training session (meeting) can be recorded and will be available to you to review at your own leisure.

Before you start

Using Teams

  • Visit the School website training Microsoft Teams link
    • Note: You have to be invited to this Team first. You will be invited accordingly.
  • Select your preference
    • Select either Cancel or Use the web app instead if you have not downloaded Microsoft Teams. This means you will be viewing the training in a browser window, like Google Chrome.
    • Select Open Microsoft Teams if you have downloaded Microsoft Teams.

Joining a meeting

  • Ensure you have selected the General – Posts tab.

  • Select Join from the main area of the screen when the training is scheduled to start. Most training sessions will begin at 9:00am but will be open from 8:45am to check connections.

  • The meeting page will display the trainer’s desktop.
  • You will see a small toolbar display each time you move your cursor. In this toolbar you can do things such as:
    • End the meeting.
    • Turn on your microphone (we ask that you don’t do this).
    • See who else is in the meeting.
  • When you join the meeting, hover your cursor over the icons to see what they do.
  • You may want to select the display options in the top right if you'd like to resize your Microsoft Teams window.

  • Select the Meeting chat option to open the chat window.
  • You should add your questions here.
  • Note: The toolbar with the Meeting chat option becomes available when you move your cursor.

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