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School website service training and support

Content housekeeping and document storage

The key to a successful online presence is having fresh content on your website. 

You should plan to continuously improve your school website content, by conducting a new content audit at least every six months. 

Quick tips

  • Check the Published date to see when the page was last updated.
  • Decide whether you should improve or remove old content.
  • Use the department's content audit spreadsheet to help you analyse and make decisions about the usefulness of your content. 
  • Access metrics (such as page views, site visits and top pages viewed) to make data-driven decisions about whether you should improve (update, rewrite, or consolidate) or remove old content.
  • Consider combining content when two pages are competing on the same search result.


Analytics will help you to make data-driven decisions about your site. Gain valuable insights about the behaviour of your users and how effective your content is, then take action to improve and update the content on your school website. 

Department supported storage

The School Website Service AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) platform cannot be used as a repository for obsolete content. Please follow the department's guide on storing documents and records.

Permission to publish records

Written parental permission is necessary for any public identification of students. Keeping the signed permission notes and a record of which students have permission will cover the school legally. 

Find out more about the department's publishing and privacy guidelines and access the forms.

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