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Whitelisting URL

Whitelisting allows a user to embed content (iframe embed code) from another web address (URL) into their school website.

You can embed content from other websites into your webpage using the Script component provided it is whitelisted. Find out about how a site is whitelisted.

Currently whitelisted URLs

Whitelist request 

If you would like to add a website that is not listed above, you will need to use the following checklist to see if the embed code can be considered.

  1. Does the embedded content provide functionality that is not yet available in Adobe Experience Manager?
  2. Is embedding the optimal way of displaying the content as opposed to using a hyperlink to the external website?
  3. Does the embedded content meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility standards?
  4. Is the website secure and safe for users and their content?

If you answered yes to all four questions, we can review the website's suitability to be whitelisted.

You will need to provide an example of the iframe code from the website. 
For example, <iframe src="xxxxxx"></iframe>

Please submit your request by email to SWS technical support.

Websites that will not be added

Websites that didn't meet requirements for whitelisting

Website embed code which has been tested, but did not meet the requirements to be whitelisted:

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