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School website service training and support

Permission to edit your website

Access to your school website is now managed through Manage My Access (MMA) or Manage Staff Access (MSA).  Access Management Utility is being decommissioned.

About Manage Staff Access and Manage My Access

Manage staff access and manage my access are available through staff portal. If you don't see them, you can add them:

Follow these easy steps to add MSA to your essentials:

You can also add MSA to the Favorites of your preferred web browser after you open the app for the first time. And you can download the app to your mobile phone from the DoE Staff Portal (available from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store).

For further information refer to the Profile Centre help and support pages.

How to request access (user) using Manage My Access (MMA)

  1. Visit
  2. In the top right search bar if your school is not displayed, enter the school’s name into the search bar and select from search results
  3. Scroll to the bottom and highlight School Website Service
  4. Click 'None', indicating you don't currently have access.  Tick the relevant access level needed; SWS [Approver] or SWS [Author].
  5. Click 'submit' - to send the request to your principal or delegate to approve.

How to grant access (Principal or delegated approver) using MSA

  1. Use
  2. Choose the staff member to whom you wish to give access.
  3. Select the application School Website Service
  4. Tick appropriate access levels: SWS [Approver] or SWS [Author]. The selected staff member will receive a confirmation email.